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All the NFL quarterbacks who could change teams in 2018

The 2018 offseason is shaping up to be a fascinating game of quarterback musical chairs. During a typical offseason, we usually see about seven teams either replace their current passer or draft a player who they expect to eventually take over as their long-term quarterback. Excluding the injuries that forced the Colts and Dolphins to make moves before the 2017 season, there were six teams -- the 49ers, Bears, Browns, Chiefs, Jets and Texans -- that dramatically changed their quarterback calculus this past offseason. Men's Al Jefferson Authentic Navy Blue Road Jersey: Adidas NBA #7 Indiana Pacers By the time this offseason is over, we could see as many as 11 teams change either their current or long-term QB1. And that's assuming we don't get any veteran retirements or teams like Kansas City trading up to grab a quarterback a year or two before anyone expected. There are six teams that are all but guaranteed to come up with a new answer under center. That's rare. What's even rarer is the crop of quarterback options available. Players who don't normally hit the market might be available this offseason, which could very well lead to some massive, franchise-shifting bets. Front offices will simultaneously be scouting a quarterback class that could include as many as five signal-callers worthy of a first-round pick in the 2018 NFL draft. If you're planning on finding a new quarterback over the next several seasons, this is probably the year in which to make your move. Teams will have to prepare to pursue multiple quarterbacks on several fronts and be willing to settle for their second or third choice. As we break down the veteran market to come in order of how the league would perceive their desirability, though, it all starts with the rarest commodity: a franchise quarterback in the prime of his career who might be available for free. This doesn't really ever happen. Teams find passers in free agency who slip through the cracks, like Tyrod Taylor. Peyton Manning hit the market after what could have been career-ending neck surgery. The last time we saw a quarterback as productive as Cousins hit the market before turning 30 was when Drew Brees left the Chargers after the 2005 season. Even then, though, Brees was coming off a torn labrum in his throwing shoulder, one which famously led the Dolphins to choose Daunte Culpepper over the guy who would subsequently make his Hall of Fame case in New Orleans. The http://www.officialmarinershop.com/Randy_Johnson_Jersey big question is whether Washington goes where no team has gone before under the current CBA and keeps Cousins off the market with a third franchise tag. Doing so would guarantee Cousins $34.5 million for 2018, adding up to a total of $78.4 million over those three franchise tags. Washington could theoretically afford to eat the cost of a third tag, but it would only push the Cousins problem a year into the future and make Cousins the most expensive quarterback on paper by a significant margin, given that no other passer has a 2018 cap hit over $26.5 million. General manager Bruce Allen also could slap Cousins with the transition tag, which would lock him in for a more palatable $28.8 million next season. The problem is that the transition tag doesn't offer any compensation and would open up Washington to a bevy of offers from teams with far more cap space than what Washington will have. The Jaguars, for example, could cut quarterback Blake Bortles, running back Chris Ivory and receiver Allen Hurns, and restructure defensive San Jose Sharks Jersey tackle Malik Jackson's deal, and carve out $72 million in cap space. They could offer Cousins a deal with a huge 2018 roster bonus and base salary and eat an enormous cap charge in excess of $50 million in doing so, which Washington wouldn't be able to match without gutting the rest of its team. Washington could simply sign Cousins to a long-term deal, but given that its offer from July wasn't competitive, it's tough to see why its stance would have changed. Simultaneously, though, the market for Cousins looks totally different than it did a year ago. After the 2017 offseason, it seemed like the two teams that would compete for Cousins in free agency were a pair of NFC West rivals, with both the 49ers (Kyle Shanahan) and Rams (Sean McVay) hiring a pair of ex-Washington offensive coordinators. Now, with Jimmy Garoppolo and Jared Goff both playing like stars, those teams are out of http://www.bearsnflofficialproshop.com/pat-odonnell-jersey-for-sale-c-45.html the quarterback market. Plenty of teams will be interested in Cousins, but leaving Washington might not seem to be Johnny Gaudreau Womens Jersey quite as compelling without a familiar face in charge. If Washington transition-tags Cousins and forces an interested team to make a huge payment in Year 1, he'll be limited to organizations that either have/are capable of clearing a lot of cap space immediately. The Jaguars would be in play. The Browns and Jets can afford anyone. The Vikings have $60.5 million to play with but also have a bevy of young talent about to hit free agency. The Bills, Broncos and Giants would really need to stretch to have any real shot at clearing out the cap room required for a $45 million cap hit in 2018. Anything less and Washington probably matches.http://detroitindia.com/forum/durant-submitted-his-highlight-game-roberto-clemente-jersey

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